Friday, November 25, 2011

November 2011

WOW. My last post was already June! it is five months that I did not blog. That is really sad. I wanted to blog everyday but I get busy always and I already forget my password here! It is only a good thing that I write it on my notebook with phone numbers of my family and friends. I just saw it now that's why I got time to blog again. hehe

I miss this! blogging and visiting my friendships here in blog world. How are all of you friendships?

I went to the province for 2 weeks last 1st ad 2nd week of Novemnber. Ate and Kuya allow me to celebrate Araw ng mga Patay with my family. my brothers and sisters are already big! 2 of them is already bigger than me. At first i am having a 2 times thinking if I will go home because money is a big issue for me, but Ate tell me that she will allow me to go home and give me bus fare as long I am not going to go home on Christmas because it will be a very schedule for them. I instanly agree and readily buys some things for pasalubong.

I carry one sacks full of old clothes from the family which my relatives and family love picking something for them. Ate and Kuya is so kind that they bring me to Cubao station because I have so many bags to carry.

When in province. I super enjoy there. I so much miss my family there and friends. They tell me that i become fat and white already. and that I look happy. Everybody is asking if my amos are kind. I always tell them that they are and they even allow me to use their computer.

When I get back here I buy them native slippers and some nuts and pasalubongs. Just a little things that they can have. It is my way of saying thank you to my amos. I hope to blog more soon... I am just resting and decided to try blogging again. Next time I will visit your blogs! thank you if you still visit this.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Maligayang Araw ng Kalayaan 2011

Why is it that time is really fast now. I check my blog and i see that i do not have any updates last months. It is already June and it is the Philippine's Independence Day. MALIGAYANG ARAW NG KALAYAAN SA BUONG PILIPINAS!

Time is really fast and I have many many more things to do. We are very busy specially in the starts of the classes. The boys is starting to go to school again. We again prepare for there everyday baon. Very busy in the morning and during there uwian. I always prepare the breakfast and there snacks when they come back home. While Ate and Kuya is still continuing in there works.

We are already in 6months time. and another 6months time and it will be Christmas again... Time is like a fast runner that I can not capture. It runs so fast that sometimes I do not know where I am and what will I do next. O well, I will just enjoy everything in my everyday life.

Goodnight friendships. will blog again next time.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

May, Summer Vacation, Rainy Days

Hello Friendships. I miss you all. I been busy in my household chores and because everybody knows that it is Summer Vacation, it is everyday that we are busy with the boys. We fix there foods, activities and we also go the yearly swimming of the family. We go to Laguna last week and Ate and Kuya rented a big house and a swimming pool. No body else but us occupy the big house. It has a swimming pool, a billiard table, karaoke machine and others. And the is all fully aircon. They invited some friends with them.

We also have beautiful kitchen with complete utilities. We stay there for 2 days. Ate and her friends go to the market early in the morning and we cook them fresh. I also go swimming with them. They are really kind. We buy buko pies and espasols. It is really fun when we go together with this family. They are really kind.

But i really miss blogging. I am now done with my cooking and cleaning and I think of blogging again that is why I updating it again. hehe

I hear that school days is coming again and I think this week the boys will be buying there things in the mall. They will be busy again and I hope I can blog more again. I hope you are having a happy month of May.

Friday, April 22, 2011

It is Holy Week

Hello April. Days are really fast! It is in the middle of April already and it is already Holy Week. I become busy during the end of March because the boys are always busy going out somewhere and I always prepare there things. I miss blogging here already. I miss also my friendships. How are you all? How is your Holy Week?

We all go to the church last Palm Sunday and that is the starting of a Holy Week. I just go to church yesterday and today. and will go to church again on Sunday. I will pray and thanks the Lord for everything that i have and please forgive my all sins.

And since it is still school vacation, I think the family will be going on swimming before the Holy Week end. I wish we can all come, But i hear Ate tell me that she is thinking if we can all come again to make swimming and be feel refreshing because of the hot weather.

I hope you all have a Happy and Peaceful Holy Week.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Last Saturday of March and Anything

Yes today is March 26, 2011 and it is also the last Saturday of March, time is really fast. 3 months of the year 2011 is now coming to an end. On our everyday life and a lot of things that occupying our daily routines, we will all just be surprise to see that it will be another year over. 2012 is fast coming.

While we still have a few more days before Christmas again, I hope that everybody including me will spend everyday happy and fruitful. With amos like mine, I can say that I work with them happy always. They treat me as family and I also treat them like that and give them the treatment and work that they deserve.

I miss my family in the province. One of my brother is planning to visit me here in Manila and Ate and Kuya allow him to stay at there house while here in Manila, he will just visit me here because I can not go back to them yet. I will be giving him all the things that I save for them. I will give him pamasahe to go here and back, Ate also tell me to make him pasyal in Manila so when he goes back home, he will have many stories to tell in the province. I am excited and happy to see him soon.

And by the way, we participate in Earth Hour a while ago, all the lights in the house is turn off for one hour, to help Mother Earth. Did you participate also?

I am already sleepy. Maybe until here, I will try to blog again and especially I will tell you stories on when will my brother be here. Goodnight Friendships!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Earthquakes and Tsunamis

I almost forgot to blog about the tragedy that happen to Japan. It really made me sad and afraid. When we are watching it on TV, we are all sad and scary because of the Tsunami. At first it was the earthquake that shake the whole Japan, an intensity of 8.9! Videos of shaking building and people inside hiding under the tables are very saddening and scary. After that strong earthquake a big Tsunami followed and sink everything it passes through, It is really scary to see cars, houses and building being sink and carried by a very large water. It look like a big splash of water covering all the affected area in Japan! While watching it on TV, I keep praying that it will end already and that it will not happen here in the Philippines.

I also saw a fire in Japan during the Tsunami, what a really sad happenings. After that Philippine government announces that we also have a Tsunami Alert2. I was so afraid and I keep praying that our country will be safe from this event. I know Japan is a very big and rich country. Whatever happen to them I know they can recover and make they country look good again. If that happen to the Philippines, we will be having a hard time re building our nation. I just remember the Ondoy, it is sad but atleast it is not like in Japan because I do not know what will happen to us.

I hope this will end and everybody will be safe.

Goodnight friendships

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Re Schedule Ukay Ukay

Do you remember last Sunday? I want to go to go to ukay ukay to buy some clothes for me and my family but I ended up blogging because it rain. Today i have talk to my friend in the neighborhood that I wanted to go to ukay ukay tomorrow to look for some clothes and I invited her to come with me. I am happy that she agree to come with me together with one of our friend also.

We will be going to ukay ukay shops to go shopping! i am really happy today and excited to get new clothes for me and my family. I am also planning to buy a sandals or rubber shoes for me to have a new shoes. I will also buy soap for cleaning the clothes and hopefully for the shoes that i can get.

I am planning to get some blouses for my mother and sisters and t-shirts for my father and brothers. I am investing some clothes for them so when i get to go home i can bring them many many clothes as pasalubong. Now I am excited to go home. I miss them. But i really need to work.

Buy now, I will rest already.

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